The Best Card to Hold

PayBuddie Virtual Card offers extensive list of features and benefits for corporate and individual clients.

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A Card that Handles all your Needs

You can easily transfer funds to other PayBuddie clients or to other banks swiftly.

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Bills payment made easy

PayBuddie is designed and built with the majority of your bills in mind, be it DSTv, Airtime, Utility and what have you - making payment seamless.

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More than
Issued Cards
Our bank is an acknowledged leader in credit card distribution. We issue more than 5000 cards every year.
Up to
We offer amazing amount of cashback for payments made with one of our credit cards - Blue, Green, or Orange.
Up to
for Deposit
Dot Bank offers various deposit offers in all international currencies with interest rate up to 25% for all regular clients.

Your Best Service Provider

Since inception, we have designed easy to use financial services to all our clients, giving them industry standard and quality.

  • Keeping Track

    Our solution helps you monitor your inward and outward transactions.

  • Applications

    Get instant access to your account on any device using our banking apps.

  • Client Support

    Our Support team is always ready to help you solve any banking issues

  • Packages

    We have different packages to satisfy your different financial needs.

  • Personal Profile

    Register your free personal profile online to begin using our services.

  • Easy Account Setup

    Registered clients can edit their account settings in 2 clicks.

Advantages and Details

We provide all our clients with various advantages that not only satisfy their banking needs but also allow them to get more without overpaying for banking service.

At PayBuddie, we aim to provide top quality services to a greater number of individual and corporate customers than any other platform in Nigeria.
Ayo Adeluka
CEO & Ercas Solutions Ltd.
Detailed Statistics

Our online banking resource provides free & detailed statistics to all Dot Bank clients.

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Financial Goals

Easily meet your financial goals with our affordable banking offers available regularly.

Dot Bank was founded in 1999 to introduce the new level of financial services worldwide. We are still dedicated to the success of our clients.

At Dot Bank, we are guided by a common purpose to help make financial lives better by connecting clients and communities to the resource they need to be successful. We are driving growth – helping to create jobs, develop communities, foster economic mobility and address society’s biggest challenges – while managing risk and providing a return to our clients and our shareholders.

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How to Order a New Card

Online Registration

Everything starts with free online registration. Only basic data is needed - name, surname, age etc.

Filling Out a Form

After the basic registration, you will need to fill out a form to help us determine your financial goals.

Using Your Card

You can use your card to purchase the products you need or to open a secure deposit with lots of benefits.

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